02 - Hôtel Lachenal

    Historic site and monument

    One of the first places to open to the public, this former guesthouse, which is now the ‘Hôtel-Restaurant Lachenal’, has managed to conserve its original charm and authenticity.

    Having learnt that a road was to be built from Moutiers up to Saint Martin, the Roux and Hudry families decided to open a guesthouse in the main village. The idea was to provide accommodation for the workmen and, once the road was completed, accomodation for intrepid tourists - mainly climbers coming to have a go at conquering some of the valley’s summits. During the war they were however forced to close.
    In 1945 the owners handed over the management of the establishment to M. Lachenal: a young, spirited chef. After a few changes and a lot of work, the guesthouse was transformed into a hotel, bar and restaurant, hosting weddings, banquets and even dances.
    As the valley started to develop, and with the construction of the La Loy drag lift (the first ski lift in the valley), this small business grew, though in an uncomplicated fashion. M. Lachenal sold the business in 1975 but left his name.
    Since then the architecture and interior design has been conserved in a rustic and warm way. The paintings and decorations on the facades and inside the restaurant are the work of a former owner: M. Lemattre.

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    Free of charge.

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    All year round, daily.

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