Let yourself be waited upon

"La Béla Vya" Mountain Spas

"La Béla Vya" associates relaxation and natural prouduct treatments in a warm, typically mountain environment. Jacuzzi, sauna relaxation and well-being arean, treatments based aroun mountain hay, milk and honey,massages with essential oils.

Information on different massages
They’re absolutely not medical massages or physiotherapy, but relaxing well-being techniques, with no sexual connotation.

Hameau de Saint Marcel
73440 Saint-Martin-de-Belleville

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Opening Period

From 02/12/2017 to 28/04/2018, daily.

From 16/06 to 02/09/2018, daily between 10.30 AM and 12.30 PM.


Adult: 70 to 120 € (Spa Tariffs: Marie’s Bath: 70 € for one person, 120 € for two, including a glass of Champagne (20 min. in the bath and 10 min. on a bed of herbs).
The Hay Solant: 45 € for 30 min. Bèla Vya Massage: relaxing, stimulating and made to measure, with essential oils. 65 € (30 min.), 110 € (50 min).

Age selection
  • minimum : 18 years old
  • maximum : 99 years old