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Children's show – Leopoldine's ‘petits papiers’

Public award at the 2017 ‘au Bonheur des Mômes’ Festival 2017. With both poetry and music, this show is a unique journey to the land of fairytale and paper. Leopoldine is a real story enthusiast, a storyteller who has more than one story up her sleeve.

Leopoldine’s tales always include a paper element. Whether folded, cut or glued, paper is very much part of this show. Here Leopoldine brings animals to life with kirigami, turns pages of a huge pop-up book and whispers into origami ears.


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Salle des Fêtes de Saint Martin
Salle des Fêtes de Saint Martin
Rue Saint Martin Saint Martin
73440 Saint-Martin-de-Belleville

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Opening Period

Tuesday 2 January 2018 at 6 PM.


Free of charge

Age selection
  • minimum : 5 years old