Let yourself be waited upon

Thursday 17 May

Le Bettaix Trout Festival

Fishing competition Sign up on the day from 7am Throughout the day: bar, various entertainme...

Belleville Valley village tour

Discover the history of two Belleville hamlets (Villarenger and Béranger) in this original villa...

15th August Celebrations

Outdoor Mass in front of the church Notre Dame de la Vie and traditional celebrations in the vil...

Car-boot sale and local business sale

All day car boot sale and shopkeeper flea market in St Martin de Belleville village centre.

A tour of the Belleville hamlets

Discover the history of two of the Belleville Valley’s twenty hamlets during Heritage Week. Unc...

Du torrent au courant, le patrimoine industriel et technique

Tour Savoie Mont-Blanc

185 kms of beautiful scenery and 4371 metres of uphill pedalling from Chambery to Saint Martin d...

Saint Martin en Scène- Cie vibration visuelle- spectacle Vivi

Animation ludique - Duel de badabulle

Saint martin en scène : Xavier Stubbe : tous en noed pap’ pour mon anniv

Quatres saisons de Vivaldi

Craft markets

Discover local crafts and Savoyard produce in the centre of St Martin de Belleville.

European Heritage Days : free visit of the Museum

Guided visit of the museum which retraces 150 years of the history of the Commune of Saint Mart...

Goat Farm in Villarenger

Discover the Farming tradition by visiting the farm of Villarenger.

Sortie Esprit parc national "Observation matinale des chamois"

at 7h00

Church of Saint Martin de Belleville

at 9h00

Sanctuaire Notre-Dame-de-la-Vie

at 9h00

The church sanctuary, situated between St Marcel and St Martin de Belleville was built between 1...

Make your own instrument

at 9h00

Come and join professional musician, drummer and percussionist Frédéric Espau and turn everyday ...

Exposition "Paysans en Vanoise"

at 9h00

Sortie Esprit parc national "Découverte de l'apiculture"

at 9h15

Flower Arranging Workshop: Kokedama

at 9h30

Kokedama is a spherical shaped Japanese decoration made of moss. It is an original way of prese...

Fun knitting!

at 9h30

Retired knitting expert, Martine, will teach you how to let go without letting go of your knitti...

The Burdin mill

at 9h30

Discover the Burdin water mill, old grain mill. Guided visits at 10h and 11h on Fridays. Access...


at 10h00

Archery in Saint Martin, this activity takes place twice a week, for everyone from 6 years old w...

Story time "Clarine the mountain cow"

at 10h00

An activity for the little ones at the museum in St Martin. Come and listen to the tales of a sm...

Catch your dreams

at 10h00

Learn how to make your own dream-catcher with Véronique. This traditional Native American decor...

How to transform your old jeans!

at 10h00

With the help of a sewing machine, recycle your old jeans by turning them into a hand bag or any...

Saint Martin tout'azimut

at 10h00

Travel back in time and discover local traditions by following a game in the village of Saint Ma...


at 10h30

On Sunday

Japanese Garden workshop

at 10h30

Recreate natural Asian landscapes in miniature using stones and vegetation to make your own Japa...

Guided visit at the farm chez Pépé Nicolas

at 10h30

Guided tour with commentary While on your mountain walks you will come across herds of goats, c...

Atelier d'art et de loisirs créatifs à St Martin de Belleville

at 14h00

Express your talents ! Paint on silk, wood or glass, mosaic, clay modelling, water colours, acry...

Painting Workshop: Customise a tote bag or a tee-shirt

at 14h00

A small cotton tote bag is an indispensable fashion accessory. Véronique Olivieri will help you...

Baroque in every sense of the world

at 14h00

A magical experience for old and young to learn about the fascinating history of Saint Martin an...

Design your own comic

at 14h00

It's not easy to create comic book art, you need to bring the characters alive, give them facial...

What can we make out of logs?

at 14h00

A mirror, picture frame or other decorative object , there are a multitude of possibilities of h...

My first stitches

at 14h00

With Martine's help, kids can come to learn how to knit and make their first woollen creations.

" animation ludique : Duel Elastic Man "

at 14h00

Guided visit of the Saint Martin Museum

at 14h30

Guided visit of the museum which retraces 150 years of the history of the Commune Les Belleville...

Quand le joyau baroque des Belleville retrouve sa jeunesse ! Visite guidée

at 14h30

Presentation and welcome drink in Saint Martin

at 18h00

Presentation of the village and the different activities which are available. Takes place by the...


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