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08 - Town hall and school

Situated in the heart of the village, this building was purchased by the Town Council in 1840 fo...

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Saint Marcel
The Burdin mill

Discover the Burdin water mill, old grain mill. Guided visits at 10h and 11h on Fridays. Access...

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10 - Villarencel Chapel

The commune of Saint Martin de Belleville consists of 22 villages and hamlets, almost all of whi...

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Sanctuaire Notre-Dame-de-la-Vie

The church sanctuary, situated between St Marcel and St Martin de Belleville was built between 1...

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05 - Communal oven

In the Vallée des Belleville, each village had their own bread oven, or "communal oven". All th...

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Centre village
Museum of Saint Martin, 150 years of a high valley's history

Situated in the heart of the village, in an old Bellevillois farm, the Saint Martin Museum retra...

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06 - Ligeon grocery store

In Saint Martin, Ali Baba's cave was called "Chez Ligeon". This old fashioned grocery store, wh...

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01 - Saint Martin church

Reconstructed and enlarged between 1650 and 1750, the Saint Martin church is typical of the Tare...

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07 - Rue du Pavé Street

This steep street was, in the olden days, the main village street and was the site of numerous s...

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00 - Traditional housing

Belleville housing is charaterised by its high stone facades, covered in a rendering called "gri...

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04 - The Dairy

Milk was the main income for the upper part of the Vallée des Belleville and its inhabitants. T...

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03 - La Villette's washing trough

Fountain, trough, washing point or "bachal" as they were called in the Savoy, this water point w...

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Church of Saint Martin de Belleville

All the enthusiasm of the mountainous dwellings of the XVII. Century is reflected in this magnif...

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09 - Chez Babert

Like all the villages, Saint Martin had a heart - its church - and two lungs : the bar-grocers "...

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02 - Hôtel Lachenal

One of the first places to open to the public, this former guesthouse, which is now the ‘Hôtel-R...

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12 - Notre Dame de la Vie Sanctuary

17th Century work of art, the Notre Dame de la Vie Sanctuary watches over the Vallée des Bellevi...


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